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Start Your Life Anew
Want to live without worry and frustration? With clarity and insight? On a path toward fulfillment? The New Life Course is the course for you...

The New Life Course is a complete personal development course which can really turn your life around. Clearing mental and emotional blocks will enable you to look at the world with a more aware and open mind - left brain and right brain working in harmony. No longer suppressing your needs, wants and feelings, you can start to live your life's purpose! And so begin a new life of greater fulfillment and happiness.

The New Life Course is designed to smoothly and gradiently develop mental resources that open up new ways of understanding. You will learn how to make difficult decisions, think more objectively without negative feelings from the past, have a clear mind open to all your intuitive resources, manage stress and upsets in your life, improve your personal relationships, dramatically boost self-esteem - and live much more consciously.

The New Life Course

The New Life Course is based on principles which have helped thousands of people, endorsed by experts over the centuries. Here the emphasis is on practical techniques, not background theory. A step by step approach is followed throughout to help you uncover and remove the barriers to self-knowledge and freedom of expression and action. You work through the exercises and each time implement what you have learned in your daily life, to acquire invaluable new skills.

The New Life Course teaches a series of concepts and techniques to form a complete program. The course is designed to smoothly and gradiently develop your mental resources...

The New Life Course is normally $39 but you can benefit freely with the Mind Development Courses 1-7 Package, available for just US$ 99.00 ...

Daring to be Yourself

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"Daring to Be Yourself"

Through this book, Peter Shepherd will inspire youe to get out of the rut and start a new life. The book will provide invaluable understanding as you work through the New Life Course. You will see how your life has been molded by your background and the society in which you live. Peter will help you cut through this conditioning to discover your true self. You will see where your experiences from the past are holding you back. You will gain tools and insights to help break free of this past conditioning and to make the most of your real talents and capabilities.