Gregory Mitchell was a Mind Development researcher and practitioner for over 30 years. Born in 1947, in his early childhood he was strongly influenced by his grandfathers who were both inventors and innovators. His maternal grandfather in the 1930s, when he was working with Marconi, invented a radio valve called a Tetrode, and his paternal grandfather, while he was the chief chemist of Burma Oil, invented aviation spirit number one, during The First World War, which gave the British fighters a 10 to 15 miles per hour advantage over the German fighters, thus helping to win the First World War in the air. Gregory grew interested in the subject of mental evolution and development during adolescence. He became convinced that a dim person was only dim because he had a dim script, and that one could learn to throw away that script and expand both intelligence and the power of the mind. Exactly how to best accomplish that task has been the subject of his life's work.

Gregory proceeded to change his script by studying method acting. He later ran a business supplying theatre lighting and special effects. Subsequently his interest in this field led him to qualify as an electronics engineer, obtaining a Bachelors degree in Science & Electrical Engineering. In his studies he began to realize how awareness and behavior could be measured electronically. He started a biofeedback laboratory to build and experiment with various devices designed to produce an expansion of consciousness and invented the Bilateral form of GSR biofeedback monitoring that greatly facilitates therapeutic access to suppressed experiences and ideas. That has been a mainstay of individual Mind Development work and for research into the workings of the mind. He also organized research projects that involved training university students with mind development techniques, many of whom still retain the enhanced abilities he taught them.

Following a Diploma in Psychology, Gregory obtained a Masters Degree in Eclectic Psychology. He then introduced a wide range of techniques to his private practice, including Transactional Analysis, NLP and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, plus many of his own innovative techniques.

Gregory ran group courses in Mind Development for 25 years in London and various locations in Germany that successfully applied his research. His students and clients came from many countries around the globe.

Gregory went on to research at the most advanced levels of Mind Development and discovered many further important insights - in particular, original work on mnemonics, artificial languages and logic. The latest research by cognitive scientists is only now beginning to uncover the ideas and methods that Gregory Mitchell had been working with for 30 years!

Before he retired in 1994, Gregory employed Peter Shepherd, founder of Trans4mind, at his company Mental Development Ltd in London. He was mentor to Peter Shepherd for several years and much of the knowledge-base upon which Trans4mind.com was founded in 1998 was derived from this foundation.

Neil Mann, the former Dean of the Royal College of Osteopaths, wrote the following testimonial about Gregory:

I have known Gregory Mitchell for 35 years both professionally and as a friend. I first met Gregory in 1967. At the time he was the stage manager of a night club to support himself through University. As an osteopathic student, I became interested in sports medicine and attended several informal athletics meetings at Crystal Palace, where Gregory ran the 200 and 400 meters, unofficially breaking a couple of records that were not ratified due to the fact the wind speed was too high.
Gregory, then, was experimenting with methods of increasing athletic performance by stimulating the athlete's mental attitude and by the use of other psychological methods. Nowadays, he might be described as a personal trainer. In those days he was a pioneer, trying anything he felt might work. I still have a monologue he wrote at that time, "Zen and the Art of Sprinting."
He attempted to achieve both mental and physical improvement by training his clients to use both hemispheres of their brain, thereby increasing their muscular speed of contraction and doubling their reading speed. His methods included doing exercises under stroboscopic lighting with a special type of stroboscope invented by him: the Chromostrobe.
I did not hear much of Gregory after 1972 until he returned in 1976, because he had purchased a business in Andorra and performed a consular role for the English speaking people who resided in Andorra. When we gain met in 1976, he appeared to be suffering from shell shock, due to, he told me, military action in Africa, where he was a scientific advisor. He was supposed to be far away from the fighting, but because of a strategic retreat, he found himself on the front line where an artillery shell fell nearby, so he was hit by a shell fragment.
Since our last meeting, he had further refined his Mental Development program and was both employed on contract to a London borough and a large Union for Technical Staff, alongside writing both a communication course and a counseling course based on Mental Development, for staff training and the training of the long term unemployed. Unfortunately, due to being hit by a piece of shrapnel, he developed temporal epilepsy, which gradually became worse.
The death of his mother badly affected his health and finances. His mother had been a talented portrait artist and a Royal Academician, and by profession a lawyer. Gregory was awarded the British Empire Medal for his consular work, his work for the Council and other good deeds. Because of his worsening condition in 1992 he went to Belgium with his girlfriend Anne into semi-retirement and to to be near his father. Because his stepmother was dying, since that time he has, for the most part, lived abroad, finally retiring in 1994. We have maintained contact over the years, as friends, but he is seldom in England. In my opinion Gregory has made a significant contribution to society, so I trust that his work will live on.

NOTE by the site owner, Peter Shepherd
For 30 years Gregory Mitchell researched and developed the techniques for developing mental capacities such as memory, speed reading, enhanced intuition and creativity, and increased IQ.

Gregory ran group courses for many years in London that successfully applied his research. I was fortunate to work with him for several years during that time - his wide-ranging teachings are a major influence on the content of my book Transforming the Mind and the resource I have developed at Trans4mind.com.

Gregory Mitchell went on to research at the most advanced levels of Mind Development and discovered many further important insights. The latest research by cognitive scientists is only now beginning to uncover the ideas and methods that Gregory had been working with for 30 years!

The foundation Mind Development Courses 1-8 are available to purchase on this site, for those who recognize the vital importance of intellectual ability in discernment and contemplation, creativity and problem solving.

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