MIND DEVELOPMENT COURSE 7 ~ Zen & the Art of Sprinting

This short course by Gregory Mitchell is on the periphery of Mind Development but nonetheless illustrates how closely mind and body function in co-ordination.

Using these techniques Gregory was able to run 100 meters in a time that nearly matched the then British champion, with relatively little physical fitness preparation (60% or less compared with a typical athlete). You may not personally want to increase your sprinting speed, but the principles described here have many applications both for physical and mental development.

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Gregory Mitchell was a Mind Development researcher and practitioner for over 30 years. Born in 1947, he grew interested in the subject of mental evolution and development during adolescence. Following a Diploma in Psychology, Gregory obtained a Masters Degree in Eclectic Psychology. He then introduced a wide range of techniques to his private practice, including Transactional Analysis, NLP and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, plus many of his own innovative techniques.

Gregory ran group courses in Mind Development for 25 years in London that successfully applied his research. His students and clients came from many countries around the globe.

Gregory went on to research at the most advanced levels of Mind Development and discovered many further important insights - in particular, original work on mnemonics, artificial languages and logic. The latest research by cognitive scientists is only now beginning to uncover the ideas and methods that Gregory Mitchell had been working with for 30 years!

Before he retired in 1994, Gregory employed Peter Shepherd, founder of Trans4mind, at his company in London. He was mentor to Peter Shepherd for several years and much of the knowledge-base upon which Trans4mind.com was founded in 1998 was derived from this foundation.

NOTE by the site owner, Peter Shepherd
For 30 years Gregory Mitchell researched and developed the techniques for developing mental capacities such as memory, speed reading, enhanced intuition and creativity, and increased IQ.

Gregory ran group courses for many years in London that successfully applied his research. I was fortunate to work with him for several years during that time - his wide-ranging teachings are a major influence on the content of my book Transforming the Mind and the resource I have developed at Trans4mind.com.

The foundation Mind Development Courses 1-8 are available to purchase on this site, for those who recognize the vital importance of intellectual ability in discernment and contemplation, creativity and problem solving.